Portsoy 2018

It’s that time of year again for the…


“Celebrate the north east of Scotland’s culture and heritage”
The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival is a two day event being held on 30 June & 1 July 2018 in Portsoy, Scotland, UK. This event brings together Culture (maritime and rural), Creativity (crafts, music and art), Activity (sailing, rowing, boat building, traditional skills), Food and Drink (the very best of the region) – an opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and so much more!

Not an overland adventure but still a long weekend away 🙂

Tilley gets some TLC

It’s early Thursday morning, up sharp for the train journey down to Southport to pick up Tilley having dropped it off last week to have some work done. Having watched the news and weather the night before I knew there may be some delays along the way so heading off with a relaxed attitude knowing the day could be a bit of an adventure and many delays could be expected.

It was to be a 4 train journey the first being from Livingston to Haymarket. Looking online before heading off to get the train it showed all trains on that particular line cancelled due to some power line down, well that was a real bummer for starters. I managed to get a lift to the tram line at Edinburgh Park to get into Haymarket  by tram however I was going to miss the booked train but there was another shortly afterwards, this would go to Carlisle where I’d change for Wigan North Western where I’d then change for the train to Southport. Continue reading “Tilley gets some TLC”

A new addition to Tilley – Rear Shelter

Having had a Hilux before with the top half of the rear door opening upwards, this provided ideal shelter in inclement for quick stops when making a brew or heating up some food. Tilley has double outward opening doors and when we first got her, had a Hannibal rear awning which was removed to be able to fix the Foxwing. What we hadn’t appreciated at the time is that we’d be lacking a bit of cover, if we didn’t want to, or couldn’t, get the Foxwing out.


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A Wee Adventure to the Isle of Islay – April 2018

  Thursday 26th April 2018 As usual plans for a long weekend away in Tilley centred around many discussions about what food to take and what we were going to have when we were there. Just how many meals can be squeezed into 3 days away! We ended up agreeing not to take too much knowing we […]


Thursday 26th April 2018

As usual plans for a long weekend away in Tilley centred around many discussions about what food to take and what we were going to have when we were there. Just how many meals can be squeezed into 3 days away! We ended up agreeing not to take too much knowing we would want to buy local produce on Islay. We hadn’t really factored the lack of possible shopping options on the island at all. What could possibly go wrong?

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Mini adventure coming up

A mini adventure has been planned…a long weekend next week. Where to? Well it involves a short ferry to the stunning Isle of Islay on the west coast of Scotland. I’ll be leaving straight from work on Thursday and meeting up with Jill, at Inveraray, where we’ll leave her car. It’ll then be down to Kennacraig Ferry Terminal where we’ll camp overnight for the 7am ferry in the morning to Port Ellon. Being early it’ll mean a full day on Friday with the return on Sunday late afternoon this time from Port Askaig back to Kennacraig. With stunning beaches and points of interest to see we’ll certainly not be lost for things to do…oh yeh…we can’t forget the 8 Distilleries can we 🙂

Both myself, for the 4th time, and Jill have been before back in 2007 for the Classic Malts Cruise…a 2 week organised cruise visiting 3 distilleries along the way with each putting on their own festivities of food, drink and music. What more could you want! The trip can be split into 2 separate weeks which is what we did by taking part in the second week as the 2 day event at Lagavulin is the best of the 2 week event with an amazing seafood spread, free bar and ceilidh…oh yeh…and some great sailing thrown in. This event has been run for several years but for some reason it’s not been on the past two and having just looked at the World Cruising website I see the next isn’t until 2020…mmmmm can see another plan coming together 🙂   Though I’m wondering how much they will be charging.

When I first started going it was a joint venture by Clyde Cruising and United Distillers who put on this free 2 week event. Along with that each crew member got a fleece, embroidered with the logo and year, and a cap with the skipper also getting a nav bag. Each distillery put on their own festivities with free food, drink and music.  Then World Cruising took over the with an entry fee of ÂŁ70 for the 2 weeks, or ÂŁ35 if only taking part in 1 week, which isn’t that bad really considering what you got. Then it went up to ÂŁ120 if I remember correctly and not being able to split it. I’ve not been since 2007 but I did see the registration fees rise each year so god knows what they’ll charge in 2020.

Here’s a few pictures from the trip…

Hogmanay 2017 wild camp

Where to?

The approach of Storm Dylan has been scuppering my plans the past few days. Still deciding where to go today though many parts of Scotland are pretty wild until later tomorrow.


And I’m off …where?   Who knows, let the mini adventure begin.

I did have a rough idea which was back to Glen Orchy by the river but this time in amongst the trees where I saw a large tent pitched when there back in May. The river was certainly a good bit higher with all the rain we’d been having.  With a cuppa tea made the golden stuff ready to be poured shortly after setup to start the celebrations.  The rain was on and off but no problem under the awning with all the sides on, plus I rigged up the Hilleberg tarp as a 4th side to stop the rain encroaching by the wind. Although it wasn’t that cold I lit the fire in the Braai bbq box probably more for the visual, comforting, effect it creates especially as it was such a shitty day and means I wouldn’t have had to think about it later on. I had plenty of charcoal with me as I knew the wood would have been too wet, plus it creates too much smoke under the awning.

Thank god I decided at the last minute to take a very large tarp, 7m x 4m, a just in case I might need it thought even though I’ve never taken it anywhere camping before. Lets just say it was put to very good use as the ground was extremely waterlogged as you’ll see in one of the video. Continue reading “Hogmanay 2017 wild camp”